About Us:

Welcome to NewMusicServer.com - radio's #1 site for discovering music! NMS has over 17,500 qualified members in 8 different formats, providing the latest broadcast-quality digital music files. Every major label uses Newmusicserver to service their music, as do many independent artists. We host all music files on a state-of-the-art cloud server that empowers users to quickly download their selection.
Newmusicserver is free for radio programmers; labels and artists pay a nominal fee to post their songs.
More programmers discover music via Newmusicserver than anywhere else.


How do I get my music on the site?
For information on rates and all specs, email company president Michael Newman or call 713-777-5676.

How much does it cost?
Our rates are competitive and we also offer various advertising opportunities including banner ads, streaming video and more. Ask company president Michael Newman for more information or call 713-777-5676.
We accept major credit cards & Paypal.

Can I get an account?
Unfortunately, no, our user accounts are strictly for qualified employees of radio stations and peripheral industries.


How do I become a member?
Simple! Just click on the registration button on our front page. As a reminder, we are open only to commercial radio stations, and within those stations, only to specific qualifying job titles: Program Director, Music Director, Production Director, and for stations that "mix" music, regularly-scheduled on-air mixers. Please note: we are unable to accommodate on-air personalities who do not also hold one of these titles. Our site is for music decision-makers, or those who have need for new music as part of their job.

Can I get other music formats? Should I just sign up again for a second account?
Our members may not sign up for multiple accounts. Our accounts are for one person only, and it's one account per person. If your job requires you to manage multiple music formats, simply fill out a technical request form and we'll be happy to address your request!

Can I share my user information with my co-workers/friends/relatives/girl I'm trying to impress?
No!! Our terms of service explicitly state that accounts are good for one user and one user only. We do trace IP addresses, and accounts that are being shared are subject to immediate deletion without warning. If you are thinking of sharing your information with someone who is qualified to use our site, please encourage them to sign up for their own account! Also note that NewMusicServer has a limit on the number of downloads per day that are allowed - if you're sharing your information with someone, not only are you subject to deletion, but your account will be locked out from downloads daily once that cap is met.

How do I change my password?
Email customer service and we'd be glad to help you out!